Located in Columbia, MD, Knowledge Web offers premium professional writing, editing, and proposal authoring services.

You have a message you need your audience to hear and take action. You need someone who quickly understands your needs, reviews your materials, asks intelligent questions, understands the answers, and lays out your thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively. You need RESULTS NOW, if not sooner. You don’t have time to educate a generic writer without the background to climb that steep learning curve quickly.

"Opher has value beyond measure. He delivers the highest quality content, respects established deadlines and is cost effective. I would hire him over and over again at every opportunity."

Incredible attention to detail and the ability to thoughtfully lay out complex ideas and concepts into an eBook that will give those with no experience in the subject a primer. Final product was provided ahead of schedule on a busy holiday week. We’re already talking about our next project.

Opher did an amazing job. Took personal interest and delivered exceptional results. Went above and beyond what was initially agreed, focusing on nothing other than project success. Highly highly recommended when you want to get things done.

Another amazing project with Opher! He’s fast, efficient and extremely talented. I'm about to hire him again."

The above testimonials prove that when you hire me, you get the results you're looking for and more. When you bring me on board your project, you get the value, responsiveness, and dedication to your success few others provide.

As a NASA consultant, I specialize in taking even the most complex topics and rendering them understandable and compelling to a broad audience. As a business owner, I'm familiar with your own business concerns, and with how to connect you with your customer effectively.

Whatever your subject matter, I specialize in quickly learning it and applying my writing and marketing experience to present your message in the most engaging and approachable manner.

My writing experience ranges from peer-reviewed academic articles, through technical presentations and reports, employee evaluations, powerful letters, blog posts, and online content. However, my focus is on:

  • Riveting blog posts that positions busy executives, entrepreneurs, and top professionals as the thought leaders and influencers they are.
  • Compelling, effective, and valid technical volumes for engineering contract proposals (participated in proposals pursuing over $1.3 billion in contracts).
  • Ebooks and web content that simplify complex topics (e.g., high-tech, financial, real estate, etc.) and make it approachable and engaging.

You're expert in what you do. I'm expert in quickly and efficiently learning and communicating that knowledge and expertise to the people you need to connect with. If that sounds like what you're looking for, I look forward to hearing from you at opher.ganel@KnowledgeWebLLC.com.

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